from (fromward) wrote in 1d_bigbang,

fic: the parting line

title: the parting line
author: from (fromward)
rating: r
pairing: niall horan/harry styles
warnings: background character death
disclaimer: everything is fiction
summary: Harry and Niall get married for a year to save twelve-thousand jobs (and maybe a couple of lives).
word count: 61,694
author's note: a million thanks to badjujuboo for the BEAUTIFUL header and cover art. a million thanks to heauxnarry, brokendrums, foureyedniall, and ohharryhoney for helping me with the fic, and to drownedindeniall for the summary advice.

fic on ao3 and ficmix on 8tracks

Tags: genre: au, rating: explicit, round: four, ship: harry x niall
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