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18 October 2016 @ 06:38 pm
Greetings, and welcome to 1d_bigbang, your local One Direction Big Bang challenge! You may remember us from the last three years - or not - but in either case, we're back, bigger and better than ever before, with a brand new set of rules following your feedback! Rules that have changed since last year are marked with a star (★). All of these rule changes either have precedence in other fic challenges or have been piloted and reviewed by a team of seasoned Big Bang experts. If you have any questions about these changes, or the rules overall, please let us know!

You know that 1D fic you've been dying to write? The one about what would have happened in the bungalow if there really had been a mad cow murderer outside, or the one where only your ship stands between humanity and total apocalyptic extinction, or perhaps the one where One Direction are the stars of hit new show The Real Housewives Of The On The Road Again Tour and have to deal with even more publicity? Maybe you've been dying to write an epic about your OTP (or OT3… or OT5), or even just a fic about one member and his girlfriend.

In any case, this is the place for you!

A Big Bang challenge - for those of you who don't know - is a certain sort of ficwriting challenge that combines long fic with artwork/media. Writers and artists sign up, independently of each other. Writers write the fic, and artists pick a fic to work with based on premise, whereupon they will draw, vid, and/or mix a work to accompany the fic upon posting.

Here is the Round Four schedule:

author sign-ups: october 18-november 20

check in 1 (7k recommended): december 15-21

check in 2 (15k recommended): january 15-21

artist sign-ups begin: jan 20

summaries and 20k rough drafts due: feb 14 LATEST

artist claims: feb 15-march 1 (anticipated)

final drafts of fic due: april 1

final drafts of art due: april 15

posting schedule goes up: april 18 LATEST

posting begins: april 20

posting ends: mid-june (anticipated)

You may also view our Round Four Google Calendar here.


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Worried that you'll forget to check LJ in time for deadlines? Follow the One Direction Big Bang tumblr account for updates straight to your dash!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Comment here with your thoughts!

your mods
Title: I Only Come Alive Under the Moonlight
Author: remivel
Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Liam/Louis
Word count: ~54,000
Warnings: Romantic Comedy, Fluff, Angst, Past Louis/Eleanor, Animal Transformation, Famous/Non-Famous AU

Louis knew he hadn't seen action in months, but this was just the universe making fun of him, he was sure of it. Because when he woke up in the middle of the night, he discovered that his new dog was missing, and standing in its place was a very confused, very fit... and very naked man.

Or a romantic comedy with a furry twist. Liam turns into a dog at night, Louis tries to help him get back to normal— and ends up falling in love somewhere along the way.

Fic: AO3
Fanmix by bohemu: 8tracks
18 April 2016 @ 12:43 am
title: like a puzzle
author: michelle (xxlittlepinkbow)
rating: t.
pairing: harry styles/original female character, harry styles/louis tomlinson, nick grimshaw/zayn malik
warnings: original character death, cancer, childbirth
summary: When One Direction went their separate ways, Harry did what he had always wanted. He got married and started a family. Only, he didn’t realise that starting his family would mean losing his wife. In a few short minutes Harry felt like the world was taken away from him and given to him and there’s no real way to know how to feel on a day like that.

Being a single parent wasn’t so bad and Harry was certain he could do it, until he got an unexpected diagnosis for his daughter. While Zayn and Nick both thought Harry should reach out to the other boys, thought that Harry needed a deeper support system, Harry wasn’t willing to reach out to them. They had gone their separate ways and to Harry they had done that for a reason. He was doing just fine, really.

As fate would have it, Louis was brought back into Harry's life and it didn’t take Louis long to realise that sometimes fate has a funny way of rearing her head and this would be the last time that he ever let Harry Styles walk away from him.
word count: .
author's note: thank you so much to piratekitten for putting together an amazing fan mix for this.

on ao3 here!
title: no matter where you are (no matter how far)
author: ceaseandexist
rating: explicit
pairing: harry/louis
warnings: no major archive warnings apply

summary: "You kind of have to be a little bit dumb to decide to climb Everest, I think,” Harry says. “Like at some point you should probably say to yourself, ‘Hey, this is really dangerous and expensive and stuff, and maybe I should just, like, become an architect or something.’”

Louis cocks an eyebrow. “An architect, Haz? Is that your secret dream? You want to build --”

“Shh,” Harry says, holding a finger up to Louis’s lips. “I’m trying to make a point. Just that, like, at some point, we all make a stupid choice to put our lives in danger, but that’s just part of why climbing this mountain is such an accomplishment, right? Because most people aren’t dumb enough to try.”

Or: An Everest AU where Louis sets out to climb the tallest mountain on the world and meets a curly-haired guy named Harry who worms his way into Louis's life. It's not long before reaching the summit becomes the least of Louis's worries.

word count
: 35,799
Warnings, art and notes are over at
16 April 2016 @ 03:27 pm
title: the parting line
author: from (fromward)
rating: r
pairing: niall horan/harry styles
warnings: background character death
disclaimer: everything is fiction
summary: Harry and Niall get married for a year to save twelve-thousand jobs (and maybe a couple of lives).
word count: 61,694
author's note: a million thanks to badjujuboo for the BEAUTIFUL header and cover art. a million thanks to heauxnarry, brokendrums, foureyedniall, and ohharryhoney for helping me with the fic, and to drownedindeniall for the summary advice.

fic on ao3 and ficmix on 8tracks

Title: In Pursuit of the Extraordinary
Author: blainedarling (ao3)/zaynbastian (tumblr)
Rating: Explicit
Pairing(s): Zayn Malik/Harry Styles (Zayn Malik/OFC)
Word Count: 31,275
Warnings: Minor (non-graphic) violence, explicit sexual content

Zayn is eight years old when he realises that he’s different. Contortion comes as naturally to him as walking does to most people—what doesn’t come naturally is acceptance from people around him. His family find it odd and the children at school think he’s a freak. The closest he comes to acceptance in his time at high school is through his gym teacher, Dave, who teaches him how to train his body and respect his gift; and Harry, a beautifully wild boy he meets by chance at a party who, too, has a secret talent. It’s years before he’ll see Harry again and find a place where he can excel at his talents.

A Zayn-centric story about the struggles of being different or unusual, and finding family in unexpected places.

Read on AO3
♫ LISTEN WHILE YOU READ: I don’t know what normal is (8tracks)
title: wings to break your fall
author: karamelised
ship: harry/louis
rating: explicit
warnings: none

“I’m glad you like my clothes,” Harry whispers, sliding his arms further along the couch until he’s speaking directly into Louis’ ear. “Would you like me to take them off?”


strip club AU. Harry’s work and family are keeping him busy. He really isn’t looking for a relationship, doesn’t want one. He just wants Louis. Problem is, Louis has other plans.

Featuring: spilled drinks, meddling mums, accidental insults, a pivotal plot point masquerading as a private dance, Harry with wings, slow morning sex, a secret relationship, and tea that fixes everything.

read on ao3, tumblr post here
amazing art by elena / lifeimitateszart here
title: Anyplace, Anyhow, Anytime
author: colazitron, higherarrowsfic
rating: teen
pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
warnings: temporary main character death, discussion of murder, weapons, underage drinking
disclaimer: We are not affiliated in any way with anyone depicted or mentioned in this fic. Neither do we make money off of it, or believe that any of the events desribed in this work of fanfiction happened in the way we described them. We made all of this up. For fun.
word count: 90,827

summary: Harry's going to audition for The X-Factor in a few days, he really can't use this persistent tickle in his throat. What's even worse is when the tickle turns into a full blown cough, and the cough makes him pass out only for Harry to wake up in a different world. And then another one, and another one, and another one. The only other person who seems to be as affected as he is, is a boy with blue eyes who keeps showing up in every single one of these worlds. Or: An AU AU.

A/N: This bigbang was originally aimmyarrowshigh's brain child/idea, and I'm very happy she decided she wanted to write it with me. Unfortunately, due to RL, she had to drop out halfway through the writing process. I hope I did her idea justice, and I hope I've managed to make the reading experience a fluid one. This fic was a labor of love from start to finish, and I hope you enjoy it!

Read it here @ AO3!

Art by the lovely Dana can be found here!
08 April 2016 @ 02:52 am
Title: Perfect Sky
Author: Twoshipsdrifting
Rating: Mature
Pairing(s): Nick Grimshaw/Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Word Count: 40,000
Warnings: Dom/sub, Physical Abuse (Past Mentions), Non-Con (Past Mentions), Daddy Kink

Sub pairs are a rare thing, not only because of the jealousy that can brew between submissives if a Dom isn't attentive to each.
A sub pair has to be balanced.
Harry and Louis have always been fit each other without trying. With them, it's easy.

But sub pairs can't just go out in the world and live on their own.

Alternatively, Louis always knew that a Dom was going to come into his and Harry’s lives – he only wishes Nick picked him too.

Mix is here and read the fic on ao3 here.