tvvoships (tvvoships) wrote in 1d_bigbang,

Fic: Perfect Sky [Nick/Harry/Louis]

Title: Perfect Sky
Author: Twoshipsdrifting
Rating: Mature
Pairing(s): Nick Grimshaw/Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Word Count: 40,000
Warnings: Dom/sub, Physical Abuse (Past Mentions), Non-Con (Past Mentions), Daddy Kink

Sub pairs are a rare thing, not only because of the jealousy that can brew between submissives if a Dom isn't attentive to each.
A sub pair has to be balanced.
Harry and Louis have always been fit each other without trying. With them, it's easy.

But sub pairs can't just go out in the world and live on their own.

Alternatively, Louis always knew that a Dom was going to come into his and Harry’s lives – he only wishes Nick picked him too.

Mix is here and read the fic on ao3 here.
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