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In Pursuit of the Extraordinary (Zayn/Harry)

Title: In Pursuit of the Extraordinary
Author: blainedarling (ao3)/zaynbastian (tumblr)
Rating: Explicit
Pairing(s): Zayn Malik/Harry Styles (Zayn Malik/OFC)
Word Count: 31,275
Warnings: Minor (non-graphic) violence, explicit sexual content

Zayn is eight years old when he realises that he’s different. Contortion comes as naturally to him as walking does to most people—what doesn’t come naturally is acceptance from people around him. His family find it odd and the children at school think he’s a freak. The closest he comes to acceptance in his time at high school is through his gym teacher, Dave, who teaches him how to train his body and respect his gift; and Harry, a beautifully wild boy he meets by chance at a party who, too, has a secret talent. It’s years before he’ll see Harry again and find a place where he can excel at his talents.

A Zayn-centric story about the struggles of being different or unusual, and finding family in unexpected places.

Read on AO3
♫ LISTEN WHILE YOU READ: I don’t know what normal is (8tracks)
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