xxlittlepinkbow (xxlittlepinkbow) wrote in 1d_bigbang,

fic: like a puzzle

title: like a puzzle
author: michelle (xxlittlepinkbow)
rating: t.
pairing: harry styles/original female character, harry styles/louis tomlinson, nick grimshaw/zayn malik
warnings: original character death, cancer, childbirth
summary: When One Direction went their separate ways, Harry did what he had always wanted. He got married and started a family. Only, he didn’t realise that starting his family would mean losing his wife. In a few short minutes Harry felt like the world was taken away from him and given to him and there’s no real way to know how to feel on a day like that.

Being a single parent wasn’t so bad and Harry was certain he could do it, until he got an unexpected diagnosis for his daughter. While Zayn and Nick both thought Harry should reach out to the other boys, thought that Harry needed a deeper support system, Harry wasn’t willing to reach out to them. They had gone their separate ways and to Harry they had done that for a reason. He was doing just fine, really.

As fate would have it, Louis was brought back into Harry's life and it didn’t take Louis long to realise that sometimes fate has a funny way of rearing her head and this would be the last time that he ever let Harry Styles walk away from him.
word count: .
author's note: thank you so much to piratekitten for putting together an amazing fan mix for this.

on ao3 here!
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