remivel (remivel) wrote in 1d_bigbang,

Fic: I Only Come Alive Under the Moonlight (Liam/Louis)

Title: I Only Come Alive Under the Moonlight
Author: remivel
Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Liam/Louis
Word count: ~54,000
Warnings: Romantic Comedy, Fluff, Angst, Past Louis/Eleanor, Animal Transformation, Famous/Non-Famous AU

Louis knew he hadn't seen action in months, but this was just the universe making fun of him, he was sure of it. Because when he woke up in the middle of the night, he discovered that his new dog was missing, and standing in its place was a very confused, very fit... and very naked man.

Or a romantic comedy with a furry twist. Liam turns into a dog at night, Louis tries to help him get back to normal— and ends up falling in love somewhere along the way.

Fic: AO3
Fanmix by bohemu: 8tracks
Tags: genre: romance, rating: explicit, round: four, ship: liam x louis
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